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The Expansion Project : Nice, France 2018

The Expansion Project is home to a collective of people who are united in one goal: growth and personal EXPANSION.

Founded by Ash Ahern, The Expansion Project runs a series of unique Expansion Events around the world. These exclusive experiences are designed to guide you through reframing your story, redefining what you deserve and refining your life’s purpose.

With Group conferences, men’s and women’s retreats on offer alongside a supportive Facebook community; each event is designed to create a safe space for those seeking more. It’s a place where people can come together, learn from each other, support one another, conquer fears, tune in to their deepest desires and reignite their passion, all while experiencing new cultures and landscapes.

Today I’m going to focus on the women’s retreats because as women, we are programmed to care for everyone and often leave ourselves last on the list. Today’s modern woman has an incredible amount of pressure to be successful in all areas of life, no matter the cost or sacrifice.


Every event that The Expansion Project hosts is centred on Giving Back. They do this in two ways: First, 10% of all event proceeds are donated to a registered charity or non-profit as determined by the event facilitators and attendees. Secondly, the fulfilment exercises include volunteer work. Our greatest sense of purpose is achieved when we give our time and efforts freely without an expectation of return.

The next women’s retreat is in Nice, France in May 2018. I am thrilled to announce that Ash has selected me to be on her team and has just announced an impressively inspiring lineup of facilitators. I am both grateful and humbled to be part of this incredible movement and can’t wait to expand my experience and the experience of others in beautiful France.

You work hard. Now it’s your turn to be pampered. Come join us in the luxurious South of France for 7 or 9 transformative days of rejuvenating yoga and meditation, healthy and nourishing food prepared by a private chef and VIP pampering. Take part in fear-conquering activities, form soul connections with like-minded women and immerse yourself in life-changing workshops with The Expansion Project facilitators, who will guide you on the process of opening, discovering, releasing and receiving in ALL areas; mind, body and soul.

I’d love to see you there… the memories we’ll make and the friendships we’ll form will be priceless.

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