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BBC Radio 5 Live : Netflix Tall Girl Movie

With the release of Netflix's new Tall Girl movie, I was invited on to BBC 5 Live's breakfast show to talk about being a Tall Girl. I've been 6'2 since the age of 14, which leaves me standing taller than 99.98% of the population and although I felt that the Tall Girl movie was for a younger age demographic than me, I am really happy to see that there is now a movie out there that will help women of all ages who have yet to reach a point of acceptance with their height.

One of the things I questioned on the show was when are people are going to stop seeing height, weight, skin colour etc and just see people?! We're all doing the best we can, with what we have and life is challenging enough without people being negative, mean or judgemental about other people's differences. After all, isn't difference what makes this world more interesting?

I'd like to say a big thank you to BBC Radio 5 live for approaching this topic in a sensitive and positive way!


As a brand strategist, I know that personal brands are as multifaceted as we are and one of the more obvious reasons I stand out is my height. I set up a Facebook group called #teamtall (for tall women) in 2016 when I decided to have a self-prescribed 'My Tall Year' to help build my body confidence and because I felt that my height was keeping me small!

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Some of the highlights of My Tall Yearinclude going to a tall people convention in Germany, being the face of a Long Tall Sally (40 years) campaign, I walked in a tall fashion show at TallTogether in the Netherlands, did a denim shoot for Good Housekeeping magazine and a piece in the Telegraph. Going all in as per usual, I ended up creating Tall Guides Magazine - which became the world's fastest growing magazine for tall women, with over 500k unique visitors in the first year, 44 contributors and we hosted events in 7 countries. I brought it to an end in January 2018 as it became wayyy too big to qualify as a side project. With my day job running a business, I was working round the clock and it was no longer fun.

Community was at the heart of all we did so I kept #TEAMTALL the Facebook group (& 2 admins) because its super-active, engaged and it continues to help women all over the world to build confidence. The group today has over 3,350 members and although I started this project to help myself, it has gone on to help so many others - I'm relieved that I stopped the magazine but I'm so grateful for the supportive (& like-heighted) community that it's left behind and the morale of this story is: If you have an idea, run with it. It might not end up being what you want but it will more than likely give you what you need!

BBC Radio 5 Live / Sallee Poinsette-Nash

September 14, 2019

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