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NOI Club Celebrates IWD With Women's Month

Every day is International Women's Day at NOI Club so they're making IWD2019 last for 31 days.

For the second year running, each day throughout the month of March, NOI are sharing the profile of one NOI Lady a day on their Instagram feed and in the Facebook group. I'm thrilled to have made the calendar - here's what was featured:

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Say hello to NOI lady Sallee Poinsette-Nash...

Sallee says "I'm passionate about human connection, possibility and impact. My work is where I get to combine experience, creativity & intuition to craft authentic personal, professional and company brands for clients around the world. People fascinate me, travel energises me and kindness has a special place in my heart."

How do you feel kindness can help women's advancement and success?

"Kindness exists in moments, in connections, in flashes across time and people choosing to share, support and raise others up is how most things are actually accomplished."

NOI Club is an International community of women with projects and businesses that's making a difference in people's lives. NOI is where 3500+ women with great potential, thrive and collide. Founder, Paola Garbini has built a community on kindness - creating a safe and serendipitous space for women whilst leaving a positive impact on society and women's advancement.

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Paola Garbini, Founder, NOI Club

Thanks to Paola Garbini and NOI Club

To find out more visit the NOI website, Facebook group or Instagram

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