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My Icon Story : Printfluencer, Sallee Poinsette-Nash

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After a short break last week (I took a much needed holiday and decided to just ‘switch-off’…well kind of) I’ve been really excited to share this next blog post. As you know, every Friday we share the story of a fabulous Founder coupled with their very own My Icon Story print which they created on This week it is a great honour to welcome Sallee Poinsette-Nashas My Icon Story’ next #printfluencer.

I met Sallee at a Personal Branding workshop she hosted at my favourite Female Founder’s community, Found & Flourish. She is the reason behind me filming my first video for LinkedIn and why I am now much more confident and comfortable presenting myself and my personal successes as founder of My Icon Story. Sallee’s workshop changed the way I think about how I present and introduce myself, how I’d like others to perceive me and how I am my business’ most important asset. Even in the short space of a couple of hours Sallee made a lasting impression – not to mention the fact she also has a fab name and her client list is super impressive.

Thank you for being a great inspiration and supporter Sallee – this is your story:

my icon story, sallee poinsette-nash, printfluencer, personal brand, personal branding

In a tweet (280 characters) what do you/your business do?

A #humanbrand builder and founder of Brandable & Co – which exists to bring people to the forefront and plant humanness firmly at the heart of careers, companies and corporate organisations.

Did you have a job/career before starting your business?

I’ve spent 20+ years navigating the world of high-level business and brand building, holding CEO / COO positions, heading up international projects and delivering brand strategy and advisory board roles to a high-profile client list.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I’m strategy focused, I play by my own rules and clients get the best out of me when I’m working on projects, where there is a beginning, a middle and an end, rather than ongoing, long-term employment!


My business is amazing because…I specialise in so much more than just ‘people’, I get to work with fascinating human beings all around the world, delving under the surface and swerving around ‘work character’. Life has evolved and even if you still do work that doesn’t matter to you, you need to do something that does! I spend hours finding out what really matters to people, extracting personal brand DNA and putting strategies in place that are designed to move people closer to the things that are important to them.

My favourite parts of the job are the human connection, and seeing people grasp what’s possible… those moments when an excited client calls or emails and says,“you’ll never believe what just happened…!” Those are the moments you can’t plan but they are the reason that I do the work I do.

I love to see people thriving in whatever way works best for them and although the Brandable & Co methodology stays the same, the results are always different. No one shares the same story and collection of life experiences which is what differentiates them from every single one of the 7bn+ people who live on our planet today… and it’s also what keeps my work interesting!

This time next year…I’ll be doing more of the same; with different people, a bigger team and 365 days’ worth of “you’ll never believe what just happened…!” moments!

Tell us the story behind your My Icon Story print?

I’ve gone for black & white because I love simplicity and my icon story theme is: Things I love…

The world: We’re roaming around on a floating rock, travelling through space having a human experience!

French bulldogs: As much as people fascinate me, dogs have always had a special place in my heart. My 14-year-old Frenchie, Lou Lou, is by far my favourite creature on the planet!

Black cab: I’m often seen jumping in a black cab between meetings, using it as a mobile office, but it’s not up there with the things I love tbh! I LOVE helicopters and I hope to be going for my pilots’ license in the not too distant future but the heli-icon hasn’t landed yet! (Laura: we’ve got something to show you Sallee…see below!)

Coffee: Wouldn’t leave home without one!

Meant to be: I’m a big believer in trusting the process and serendipity is magic in action!

Human beings: Kindness matters and authentic human connection changes lives!

Lychee Martinis: My husband grew up in Southeast Asia and we know that part of the world well. I fell in love with the chaos and magic of Bangkok within hours – it feels like home to me. Wherever I am in the world, if I choose to finish my day with a lychee martini or two, I’m immediately transported back to downtown Bangkok or a sunset beach in a Thai archipelago.


You’re in a cocktail bar. What do you order?

my icon story, sallee poinsette-nash, lychee martini

What’s your favourite type of shoe?

sallee poinsette-nash, my icon story, boots

If you could have any other job in the world, what would you be?

helicopter, helicopter pilot, sallee poinsette-nash, my icon story


Just WOW! Thank you so much to Sallee for sharing her story with us and creating a minimalist monochrome My Icon Story print.

To find out more about Sallee, check out her website or her Brandable & Co business website: and follow her on social: Instagram @salleespeaks Twitter @salleespeaks

If you’d like to nominate a founder to be featured in our Printfluencer Series, please email

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