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Longings Clothes : The Real Height of Heels

A big thank you to Lori Reposa for featuring me on the Longings Clothes blog

That sound. “Click, click, click”, do you recognise that sound? If you didn’t guess it, it is the sound of your heels hitting the ground. It is so hard for me to explain what happens to me inside when I hear this sound. It is like this instant boost of confidence…it is invigorating. Heads start turning and for that moment that you are walking down the hall, you own it, you have everyone’s attention. This is not just a physical height. Am I the only one that feels this way when you hear the clicking of your heels?

For a long time, I hesitated to wear heels because I thought I was too tall for them. Lord forbid me stick out more than I already do. I would make all kinds of excuses like, they will hurt my feet or I am already tall so why do I need the extra height? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear heels all the time because I don’t always find them as comfortable as flats. But when I need that boost of confidence I know it is time to put those heels on.

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What is the history of heels?

Were they made just to make shorter women look taller? After realising the overall feeling that you get from wearing them, I doubt it has anything to do with height and all women of different heights must experience this same feeling.

In Today’s article, “The surprisingly functional reason high heels were invented” mentioned that Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, stated they were originally invented for men for functional purposes and could trace their history back to the 10th century, Persian men wore heels while on horseback so their feet would fit better in the stirrups. Get out of here… who knew??

More interesting, it later states that, women starting wearing heels in the 1700’s to make their feet look smaller. This was due to someone coming up with an idea that beautiful women had very tiny feet. I swear if I was a tall woman in the 1700’s I would be so screwed! This wasn’t the first time that I heard about this.

So when did heels take the form that they have today? Well, it wasn’t until the 1940’s and 1950’s that we saw the increased stability of the heel. Wartime technology helped popularise the modern day stiletto heel during this time by allowing fabricators to utilise their metal in heels. The use of steel allowed the shapes of heels to change.

But does any of this really matter? What I really want to know is how these shoes make women feel today and see if it is just me that gets this extra height from the heels, mental height that is. I would like to share with you how other tall women feel.

Sallee Poinsette-Nash

Sallee is a 6’2″ Writer, Speaker and Founder of Brandable & Co. — Instagram @salleespeak

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According to Sallee, “I used to wear heels on the daily but I spend a increasing amount of time on my feet, whether it’s running workshops, travelling or delivering talks, and comfort often overrides extra-height these days! Standing at 6’2, heels have always been more of a style choice than anything else for me and some outfits simply don’t work without them. I’m an emotional dresser so what I choose to wear has to match the mood I wake up in and if the mood says heels then I always opt for a 3″ stiletto in either a boot or a court shoe”.

"When it comes to public speaking, I choose heels every single time because of how they make me feel – confident, stylish and graceful plus they make you conscious of your posture so I feel that I carry myself better than when I’m in flats. Already being tall shouldn’t discourage anyone from wearing heels nor should it encourage people to make negative comments because style is a personal choice and if makes you feel good, you’re entitled to own it!

To read the full article and hear from the other women, click here

With special thanks to Lori Reposa, Founder of Longings Clothes

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Featuring: Sallee Poinsette-Nash, Founder Brandable & Co

Published on the Longings Clothes Blog, April 2019

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