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Good Housekeeping Magazine (print)

Something a bit different! Late last year I was approached to model in a photoshoot for Good Housekeeping Magazine. They were shooting a denim feature for five different body types to go into the February 2017 Issue. I jumped at the opportunity!

My tall community, who have been on this journey with me since last year, know that until recently, I’d have run a mile (or ten) from something like this! But having spent 2016 celebrating my height and working on my self-esteem, it was refreshing to see and hear myself ‘jump at an opportunity’ where I’d be in the spotlight. Confronting my body confidence issues is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done for myself.

The magazine came out about a week ago. One of the members of our Tall Guides Facebook group was flicking through a copy when she spotted me representing #TeamTall and posted in the group! I got my hands on a couple of copies a few days later as it’s not yet out online. I’m really proud of the results!

I was styled in two outfits, the first included jeans and shoes from Long Tall Sally. Paired with a Grey & Willow Top and a pink Winser cardigan. The second was again, jeans and shoes from Long Tall Sally. A pink sequin top (although I’m not sure where this was from) and one of my black blazers that I’d taken along with me – also from Long Tall Sally.

Hair and make up teams are such a treat! They are my new favourite luxury. I’d have them on call 365 days a year if I could… they always leave you looking so much better than they found you!

I’m so thankful to have been a part of it. The whole day was a fantastic experience. I was picked up late-morning and taken to studios in North London where I grabbed a coffee and headed straight into hair and make up. The rest of the women were lovely; there was Bonnie representing ‘petite’, Sevjan ‘curvy’, Kirstie representing ‘pear-shaped’, India ‘Boyish’ and I was ‘Tall’!

I was super-impressed with the Good Housekeeping team who were friendly and on-point with the organisation of the day. The photographer was incredible. His attention to detail showed in the final shots, showcasing us all at our best!

I’ll update this with a link when the GH article goes online. In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with a sneak peak behind the scenes of what was a day to remember.

  My Day As A Tall Model
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