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French Bulldog Saviours : 7 Day Challenge

I've always been a dog lover and together with my husband Andy, we've been re-homing French Bulldogs for over 13 years. We recently rescued 5 year old Poppet who had been living outside but individually we can only do so much. All animal rescue organisations have a special place in my heart and we are fairly involved with French Bulldog Saviours so I decided to do something to help them out.

First, I donated £250 (my % of ticket sales from a Found & Flourish event I hosted), which got me thinking, can I double it in 7 days? Thanks to a collection of lovely human beings, who showed up for what matters to me, the answer is YES WE CAN!

🐾 Event donation: £250 ✔
🐾 Facebook fundraiser: £250 ✔
🐾 Facebook donations via a post: £55 ✔

🐾 Total raised in 7 days: £555 🐾

I'm already thinking about what I can do next but for now, this will make a difference 💜💕

Humans are so often the reason behind the sad circumstances that these frenchies find themselves in but I'm proud to stand amongst the many human beings who are determined to put it right. And for anyone reading this post, every little helps so why not set yourself a 7 day challenge for something that matters to you and see what you can do to be part of the solution?

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