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Daily Telegraph : Targeting Niche Markets

How to target a niche market at a small business

Identifying a small group of customers can prove as valuable as having a tiny share of a mass market. But it comes with challenges, as Sallee Poinsette-Nash found when she started an online magazine called Tall Guides, and a Facebook group, #TeamTall, to unite and celebrate taller women.

On attending the Tall People Convention in Germany in May 2016, the 6ft 2in Londoner realised that there was nowhere for tall women to regularly meet. That, combined with being fed-up with being teased for being tall, made her determined to tackle the gap in the market.

Her target audience might be easy to spot in a crowd, but finding them online was a challenge. “A lot of women don’t yet embrace being tall, so they don’t put it on their online profiles,” Poinsette-Nash explains. “We ran social media campaigns to find them and saw tall people tagging their tall friends and word spreading, which started our community’s growth.”

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The unique selling point of Tall Guides is the encouragement, empathy and support for tall people – a positive rather than a negative stance on the characteristic. With bloggers and writers on board to generate content, and strong engagement on social media, the magazine has tapped into the community and united them under one brand.

“People only join a community if they feel that they will get something out of it, so delivering value must be your number one objective, otherwise they just won’t stay with you,” advises Ms Poinsette-Nash. “You have to understand why and how they engage.”

Her success to date has proved that targeting a niche can generate both income and optimism among minority sectors of society. Unless women start shrinking, the niche is here to stay.

Originally Published in The Daily Telegraph, 7th February 2017. Written by Amy Pay

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Image: thanks to Long Tall Sally

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