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There are more women entrepreneurs starting new businesses today than at any point in history.

We will all benefit as a result of this trend. Women are more likely to see and fix industry gaps than men are, making them more likely to identify business ideas that will succeed and help others.

And while it’s always challenging to start and grow a new business, there are many terrific resources tailored to help women entrepreneurs start, run and grow their businesses more quickly. As a result, women have founded very diverse businesses, across many industries.


For example, what do a fitness expert, sustainable apparel enthusiast, online magazine owner, media co-founder, and two crowdSPRING creatives have in common? They are all trailblazing, empowered, and highly successful female entrepreneurs that have worked hard to carve their own unique paths in the business world.

We spoke to 6 female entrepreneurs about their experiences with starting their own businesses, raising families, and their overall journey as female entrepreneurs. With years of wisdom, different industries, and different ages, these women represent a glimpse into what being an entrepreneur is really like. Here are the important insights they wanted to share with you.

Sallee Poinsette-Nash

Sallee has built a business based on an online magazine surrounded by a community of women seeking empowerment. When it comes to building a support network; Sallee is all too familiar with just how important it is to be surrounded by a support system.

“Trust is the magic ingredient for building community. Although we say build a community, in actual fact what we’re doing is tapping into a community that already exists. Social media and the world wide web gives us all the tools we need for finding our community, our tribe. Before that happens, it’s essential to figure out who your people are. When you know who they are and where they are likely to be hanging out; finding them is going to be so much easier!

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Sallee's Top Tip: "When you’ve found your people, ask them if there is anyone else they know who would benefit from your product or service… If people like what you’re offering, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how far this one question can travel!”

When it comes to entrepreneurship in general, Sallee reiterates the idea of building and relying on a community of people to create a team.

“Be yourself and don’t try and do this alone. Surround yourself with people – business owners, startups, mentors, communities, friends and family…whoever you need. I learned a valuable lesson from creating #teamtall, which is that we’re a TEAM for a reason. The reason is that “Together Everyone Achieves More” and that is a beautiful thing worth sharing.”

A long, tall thank you to crowdSPRING for featuring me at number 3! There are 5 other inspiring women entrepreneurs on the list. To read the full article, click here

Article by Arielle Kimbarovsky | Originally published on crowdSPRING March 8th, 2017

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