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Channel 5 : Sallee Speaks To The Wright Stuff

Is life tough for the taller woman?

I woke up on Wednesday morning, 24th August, to see a request from the Wright Show on Twitter, asking ‘Is life tough for the taller woman?’ As the 6'2 Founder and Editor of Tall Guides Magazine, I gave them a pre-coffee call and was told to wait for the call back for the live show. The host Matthew Wright can relate to the subject as his Mum is just over 5’10 /179cms and he talked of how she’d always struggled with clothes and confidence over the years.

The tall female guests on the Channel 5 show were, 5’11 British actress and model, Judi Shekoni (Ice, Ordinary Lives, Heroes Reborn, Twilight) and 6’4 Welsh, Olympic Silver Medalist, Victoria Thornley – both commented on how life had got easier as a tall women and how clothes shopping had improved drastically since those younger years.

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The show called me back and I chatted with Mathew on the subject, explaining that 2016 was My Tall Year and a key point that I'd gleaned from the #teamtall community was that ‘it can often be hard to love being different until you find a place where you’re all the same‘, explaining that, for tall women, we are that place and our message is universal... #LoveYourDifference

I’m thankful for the opportunity to spread our tall message and was also relieved to see that the segment was positioned in a very positive and upbeat light. Matthew Wright was funny, engaging and he has a tall Mum… you can’t ask for more than that, what a lovely chap!

With special thanks to: Matthew Wright, The Wright Stuff

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