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Barclaycard : 9 things in 90 minutes

No, we’re not doing 90 things you can do in 90 minutes, sorry. Here are nine, instead…

1. Watch or play most of a football match (105 minutes is the average length of a football match) – if you’re playing, you’ll be releasing endorphins, if you’re watching, you’ll be enjoying downtime from your business and giving your brain a chance to rest and recuperate.

2. Wait for hypersonic passenger transport technology to be developed and fly to Sydney, from the UK. Yes, in 90 minutes. The current flight time from London to Sydney is more than 22 hours. Alternatively, fly to Amsterdam, Dublin, Antwerp or Cologne, from Manchester Airport. Did someone say international business expansion?

3. Have a nap. Did you know that the average sleep cycle is 90 minutes11 and that sleeping for this time can boost creativity and memory 12 ?

4. Search for a 90-minute recipe and get cooking/baking some good mood food.

5. “I’ll often get more done in focused, highly-productive bursts so with just 90 minutes to squeeze a goal into, there’s no time to waste. There’s always plenty to choose from on my to-do list so the first thing I do is set a clear goal and remove any interruptions. I’ve always excelled under pressure because rather than let it stress me out; I allow that pressure to motivate and energise me to work, think and act quickly” - Sallee Poinsette-Nash: Founder, Tall Guides Magazine

“Time spent outside and with my dog is the quickest way to get me out of ‘stressed & serious’. With 90 minutes to play with, I’ll ‘accidentally’ leave the phone on my desk and head straight out into nature with a coffee and my Frenchie, Lou Lou. I always come back recharged and happier so in my world, time spent with my dog is never time wasted!”

6. Spin class followed by lunch – exercise and refuel!

7. Watch five TED talks (they’re limited to 18 minutes long 13) and be totally inspired by amazing people, like inspiring business woman, mum and activist Jules Chappell.

8. “Take a break?!”, says Paddy Moogan, co- founder of digital marketing agency Aira.

“More serious answer - I'd probably take the time to think about the business as a whole to try and see where we can improve. It's so easy to get sucked up in the day-to-day stuff which is important, but leads to the classic problem of working "in" the business rather than "on" it. Matt describes this as fire-fighting and it happens quite a lot.

“So if I could block out 90 minutes, I'd put aside all the client/day-to-day stuff and think about what I can be doing to make Aira better. Whether that’s processes, hiring, HR, marketing, sales, admin etc. All of this stuff tends to just fit around the edges of regular work which is ok to a point, but not the best approach for the long term.”

9. “This might sound like I'm being a bit crazy or self-indulgent but I think I’d stop and spend 60 mins of the 90 reflecting on things that I'm really proud of that we have done and things that I felt we did really well,” says James Rix, founder of StreetPR.

“Why? Well because I think it’s really really easy as the boss to end up just dealing with and fixing problems and it’s not often you get the time to step back and look at all the good stuff you’ve done. Then I’d spend the final 30mins working out how I can re-create that good work for others and achieve more of it within my business.
“In fact I think this would turn out to be a good way to spend a spare 90 mins - guess what I'm going to be doing when my next meeting cancels last minute…”

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Original article published: 29 January 2018

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