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99designs : London StartUp Influencers

14 of the most important start-up influencers in London

As only one of two women who made the list, I was blown away to be named as one of ’14 of the most important start-up influencers in London’ last week, courtesy of 99designs. I’m passionate about business and brand but more specifically, female entrepreneurs and I’d like to share my contribution…

The tech start-up scene in London is one of the world’s most sophisticated. The ‘Big Smoke’ is an economic, technological and cultural force to be reckoned with and so presents great opportunities for those with an early stage pitch idea.

With over 4,000 start-ups, 70+ co-working spaces and over 250,000 digital jobs on offer in London, it is one of Europe’s prime locations for new enterprises.

As incredible as this growth is, it also means increased competition. One of the core ingredients to building a new business is using your network, so understanding the start-up landscape is an important factor in achieving growth.

Right at the beating heart of the start-up scene are ‘influencers’. These individuals are serial entrepreneurs and all have incredible growth stories themselves. Many of them now work in a more advisory capacity or investment role and tare either directly, or indirectly, responsible for helping London’s start-up scene grow and flourish. They’re passionate, experienced and have a huge sphere of influence online.

Let’s look at these influencers to find out more about what they do.

12. Sallee Poinsette-Nash

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Poinsette-Nash is the founder of Tall Guides, a social community and publishing business for tall women. This makes sense as she is 6ft 2 inches tall! She describes herself as a ‘business troubleshooter’ and is looking to inspire a whole new generation of female entrepreneurs.

As a Londoner, I may be biased but with its history as a long standing cultural and business hub, I believe London is an exceptional place for Startups at any stage of development. Not only is it my home, it is home to a diverse talent pool from all over the world, breeding innovative ideas and promoting entrepreneurialism.

With the outrageous cost of living and the high levels of competition here, I see the future of the London Startup Ecosystem focused firmly on a more collaborative, community approach.

Ultimately, it’s all about people and with many of us already co-founding, co-working and co-living to mitigate cost and risk, this new way of working fuels innovation, collaboration and good old fashioned community spirit! Advancing technology and fantastic transport connections allow us to connect and co-work with anyone, anywhere while still reaping the benefits of living in this vibrant city.

I was part of an Escape the City Start Up tribe earlier this year where 50 people from across the globe got together to build startups. The thing which made a difference to every single one of us was our ‘tribe’. All focused on different things, the common theme of ‘building a startup’ is what bonded us. Going against traditional expectations of ‘work’ and taking a leap into the unknown is extremely challenging on so many levels but surrounding yourself with the support of like-minded people is what makes that transition a much easier one.

I’m the Founder of Tall Guides Magazine, a growing, global community of tall women, built on the belief that it can be hard to #loveyourdifference until you find a place where you are all the same.

Sallee offers services to help entrepreneurs get started and focuses on rapid growth start-ups.

You can follow Poinsette-Nash on Twitter @SalleeSpeaks.

Get ahead of the curve …

If you’re working hard on the development of a start-up and need some extra capital or advice to provide you with a vital extra push, these are the men and women you need to follow. By following these influencers on Twitter, you can benefit from their experience and can also learn about important events or seminars dedicated to helping start-ups. There may be a lot of competition but there is plenty of room in London for talented entrepreneurs with killer business ideas. Get out there, start having conversations and see your business grow. We’re right behind you!

I’ve only included my entry here as it’s a lengthy read – please click here to head across to 99Designs for the full article.

With special thanks to: 99designs

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