After a New Years Resolution and a year spent celebrating my difference; TALL GUIDES and #TeamTall has now become home to thousands of amazing tall women from all over the world. This diverse group shares only one common theme, height but with so many different opinions about height in every day life, it is height and our experience of it which bonds us.

One of the things I love most about this TALL GUIDES journey is the endless amount of diversity that thrives here. Yes, we’re all tall women but we’re a group of younger people, older people, people of different shapes and sizes, people who like heels and people who do not. Everyone is represented, in one way or another.

At our events and in our private community online, I regularly connect with super-interesting people who have lived lives completely different to my own and after a lifetime of being ‘the tall girl’, it’s so refreshing to be part of a group where not one single person has asked me if I play basketball! On the whole, diversity and difference are embraced by these women. They’re women who all have their own tall tale to tell and it is out of respect for this, that we bond, we learn to love others and accept their differences.

We gather in the same places. But it doesn’t mean that we all agree on the same things. And no two people have the same opinion, regardless of how similar they are to one another. Like any community dynamic, there has to be a healthy balance between being passionate and opinionated with being respectful of others. The TALL GUIDES community exists to connect people and resources in a positive way, not to make others uncomfortable or force ideas and beliefs onto them.

I’m a natural connector, an ideas girl and my vision stretches far beyond ‘big picture’. But the TALL GUIDES community certainly isn’t (and never will be) the ‘Sallee Show’. It’s about every single one of us. As the African proverb states, it takes a village… and we all need a tribe or two in our lives so regardless of height, shape, colour, background or any other point of difference. Its got to be about treating each other with respect. We are all unique human beings, walking our own path whilst doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

Sallee Says:

Loving your difference and the differences of others is a beautiful thing worth sharing.