When we announced the launch of the new #TeamTallGuides page on our site, featuring over 15 inspiring contributors and bloggers a few weeks back, I wanted to celebrate the fashionably tall blogging and writing talent that we’ve attracted. Having spent years pitching to brands and running businesses, I shared some of what I know in a bloggers guide on how and where to look for the right person for your latest pitch.

This knowledge isn’t just for bloggers. It can be applied to ANYONE who is looking to work with brands. You can have the most fabulous pitch out there, one which could totally transform but if it doesn’t reach the right person, it’s going nowhere! Here are some places to look for the right person for your latest pitch:

Social Media

The fast paced world of social media can be a quick and easy way to track people down. Try striking up a conversation via the public feeds. Yes, most brands answer their messages!

When you get a response, DM them and ask them for the right contact person. Do NOT send your pitch in your first message as you don’t know who is running their page. Keep it friendly and vague: “Hi, I’m xxxx, the person behind xxxx and I have an amazing social media idea that I’d like to share with your brand. Would you be able to provide me with the name and email address of the right person to speak to?” Sometimes you’ll strike gold with a reply of “I’m her! Here’s my email address”. But regardless, you now have a starting point and when you do track down the right person, that is when you send your pitch.


LinkedIn can be a goldmine! You can find out so much about who knows who and who works where. You may not be able to get the right email address but at least you’ll have a name and again, that’s a great starting point.

Facebook Groups

Ask fellow bloggers, founders, entrepreneurs in your Facebook groups if they have a contact at the brand you’re targeting. You never know and from experience, most people are happy to do a virtual intro or share information among group members.

CEO Email

At CEOemail.com, they’ve done all the leg work for us! They pull together up-to-date contact details of CEOs from organisations across the globe so you can connect and get the responses you want.

They’ve pulled together hints and tips for contacting CEOs to help you get the outcome you’re looking for. It’s important to remember that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are people, just like us. They’ll respond to an email depending on its tone and content, so think carefully about what you want to say before you click send. Run it past friends or family as you’ll often only get one shot at it and first impressions count!

Having worked as a CEO myself, time is often our biggest challenge so be polite, keep the information concise and to the point and explain clearly what you want as a solution or outcome.

Press Page

Most brands will have a Press or Media contacts page on their site, with a contact list that you can leverage. This approach is much more effective with smaller brands. If you plan to approach the big brands via this route, use your common sense. You don’t want to risk relationships before you’ve even built them!

The smaller the company, the easier it is to find the right person. Big brands use multiple agencies and often have different teams, in various territories, running their social media campaigns so get as specific as possible when you’re searching.

If you’re still not making any headway, go back to basics and start googling! Google is your smug, know-it-all friend so get creative with your search terms and see what you can come up with!

Sallee Says:

Who else do you know that I can speak to?’ is one of the most powerful questions I have when trying to track the right people down. It can turn a dead end lead into 2 or 3 more options within seconds!