In order to effectively move towards your goals; it’s really important that you know where you are today. As well as where you are in relation to where you want to be. An understanding of both is essential if you are to make any deliberate decisions about your journey.

We are surrounded by many influences in our physical environment and often get asked by ‘others’ to behave differently in order to positively impact their experience. There are a lot of people and systems who have a predefined set of expectations from us; take governments, employers, teachers and parents as just a few. We come up against these daily in the form of rules, laws and beliefs. They are not imposed by us but by others, in fact, almost everyone seems to have an opinion about how we should behave.

If we use those kinds of outside influences to guide us, it is not possible to stay on track between where we are now and where we want to be. Instead, it’s more likely that we’ll be pulled in all directions in an attempt to please another. Only to discover that no matter how hard we try, we cannot consistently move in any pleasing direction.

By living this way, we do not please ‘them’. We do not please ourselves. And by being pulled in lots of different directions, the path to where we intended on going, usually, gets lost in the process. When we consciously observe how each new achievement leads us to another new desire; we realise that awareness cannot be halted. Our journey should continually generate new ideas for the improvement of our own experience.

Sallee Says:

Get clear on what you want, be honest about where you are and learn to love the journey that is your life. No-one ever made a difference by following the rules of others!