This workshop is perfect for businesses, brands and individuals who have already completed the Brand Creation day and are now looking to build an active community. Although we refer to it as building, what we’re actually doing is tapping into a community that already exists. It just hasn’t come together under one brand yet.

There is a big difference between audience and community. An audience is one-way, they passively watch or read. An audience doesn’t participate; or share with others. On the flip side, a community is a two-way conversation. A living, breathing thing. Community is extremely interactive and social. Sure, some people will just watch or read, but many will participate and share with their friends.

So, you’re aware that you need to be visible and you know that you need to speak to your audience. You’ve built a website and you’ve set up your social media accounts but where is everybody?!

It doesn’t need to be like this! In this workshop, we’ll look at how community works; why and how people engage. Authenticity is key; as are honesty and integrity. Your brand voice must be a consistent and authentic one in order to build trust. And it is that trust that builds an engaged and loyal following.

You’ll leave this workshop ready to take action. Having identified who your people are, you will know where to find them and when you do; you’ll understand how you’re going to engage with them.communityWorkshops sizes are kept small (typically 4-8 people) to deliver maximum value to you. Giving me the opportunity to work with you one-to-one throughout the day. Community and collaboration are strongly encouraged – change is always easier to navigate with people who get it alongside you. I’ll also be available to you in the weeks following the workshop. If you feel you need more of my time, we can look at ongoing mentoring.

The Brand Creation Workshop gives you a blueprint to follow and an action plan to keep you on track. If you are ready to start growing an active and engaged community, I’d love to work with you to make it happen.

Head over to Eventbrite for the next available workshop dates and please get in touch if you have any questions.