Keeping an open mind is one of the most difficult things to practice. It means you have to stay open to everyone and everything that comes your way and that is easier said than done! An open mind allows us all to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests without judgement, prejudice or inflexibility.

When you can empathise and see something from the view point of another, especially when you disagree with it or don’t particularly like the person, it can be really empowering. It can change and free the mind in a way you might never have expected. And it helps you to avoid getting stuck in a mindset that evokes frustration.

Keeping an open mind is one of the most effective methods to simplifying your life. It’s about being blank, open and unprejudiced to everything. I’m certainly not encouraging that anyone believes or accepts everything they are told. Especially if it doesn’t sit well with your instincts. But active listening, observation and feelings are all things that get my backing.

By being interested, observing situations from different angles and learning from experience; you leave the door open for discussion. Don’t ever think you ‘know’. Because unless you ask, or someone tells you; you don’t. The moment any of us thinks we know something for sure, we limit so many other possibilities for ourselves.

Discover the beauty and power of keeping an open mind and observe how life grows. It can often become more harmonious and interesting when you live from a place free of judgement and if you find yourself slipping back to the old habits of ‘I know best’ – try new ways of challenging yourself. Without doing this, you may never know what beautiful and life changing things could be hidden around life’s next corner.

Sallee Says:

Ask great questions, be open to other possibilities and step out of your comfort zone.